So happy to be here…

Our first blog entry is exciting……living on the other side of 50, the ‘new’ 30 (at least that is what we think) lets us use what wisdom we have gained through the years and follow through on our desires for the remaining ones we have left. We are wanting to inspire and support adventure seekers who love the outdoors, travel, and the creative spirits looking to express yourselves in DIY projects, be it in the arts, crafts or food, and to share our own ideas, adventures and thoughts about all of it with you! Life is worth living to the fullest potential and that can mean many different things to all of us but hopefully with the like minded “Wild side of 50” followers we can explore and uncover the likeness between all of us looking to be all we can be after 50!

We are here to share our experiences and insights while doing our hikes, from a day hike to a 20-day back-pack trip, including photographs of the beautiful places we visit. Our world travel experiences and why we keep going back to favorite places and continue to explore new ones. We will show you our creative side and sometimes the silly to extravagant DIY projects we undertake. We will include the artistic side of us and the projects we complete. We all have to eat; while sharing some baking or cooking ideas maybe you will try what we think is yummy! Being 50 and embracing what everyday brings with its own aches and pains we will share some of our secrets of will power to just keep on going and live life with passion.

The writers, explorers, artists and creators behind Wild Side of 50 will post their  personel introductions next…

Until then …

~Kat & Gwen

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