Kats’ introduction

Hello I’m Kathleen (called Kat). I am a 54-year-old wondering where the years have gone. I feel like I just turned 50 and thinking it’s not as old as I thought it was when I was 12! The clock is ticking and I want to live as much as possible doing the things I love to do and to do the things I’ve always dreamt about. Fortunately I have a few adventurous friends willing to go for it with me!

I have grown children with my youngest who just graduated from college in May ’17 and is establishing himself in Northern California not far from where I grew up in Napa. (California’s Sierra Nevada’s were my first true love affair with nature.) My children seem to have flown successfully from the family nest into their own and are thriving in the lives they wish to create which makes for a very happy momma.

At 49 I suddenly become a widow and have had to do some re-establishing and adjusting in an attempt to find myself again. Blessings come in many ways; my kids, my family and my friends have more than once provided the missing link to help me find my way to today!!! Regardless of life experiences life after 50 looks a lot different to most of us seeing the golden years creep a little closer. So I’ve tried to keep my big girl pants on and pull up my boots while embracing life’s ups and downs including it’s wild adventures.

I want to share all that’s coming and revisit some of the past with you. I’m hanging on with a warm heart, a big smile and a huge welcome to the ride…..lets go!


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