Gwens Introduction 

I’m Gwen and I am the other half of wildsideof50. I once was a 20-something with a terrific husband and 2 sweet babies whom I was blessed to stay home with. But as the saying goes, “The days are long but the years are short”…here I am a 50-something with the same terrific guy and 2 incredible young adult children. These 3 offer me non-stop support for all my whacky adventures and projects. I am grateful for this. 

My interests are broad; I hike and I backpack. I am a frustrated painter. I can knit a scarf but crocheting is a complete mystery that I will conquer before I take my last breath. I sew. I dabble in jewelry. Im always up for Ceramics. and I “do” interiors. I am neither great, nor tragic at any of my interests, but I enjoy it all and it keeps me coming back and it keeps me trying new things. Kat and I both hope our blog about women our age trying and doing will both inspire and challenge. 


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