Find your tribe or create it!

We belong to a great group…or tribe….many of the members have been friends since their babies were infants and now few have kids left in the family nest. Whether we are all together on a day hike or just some of us can meet up, having someone to hold you accountable on the day you’d rather sleep-in but instead planned a crack-of-dawn hike early to beat he Arizona heat always keeps you moving.

Given that the great outdoors offers adventures near and far our tribe does regular day hikes on trails we know like the back of our hands. (We can do the whole trail or go for just the amount of time we have available that day). Or plan a weekend getaway to a place we have only seen in pictures and go to explore! Some of the group has even done international travel together on a journey to far away places in Europe.

A tribe of women can be tricky because we are not all made out of the same mold but a common like of the outdoors and the enjoyment of our spirits naturally being lifted usually makes for lots of laughter and easy flow conversation. Our common love of hiking is simple but the distance we like to go can sometimes be uncommon among us. We try to maintain flexibility with a buddy system so whereever we go if someone doesn’t want to go the whole way then we can break into groups. Everyone stays happy by doing the distance that is best for them.

Our group size waxes and wanes with regulars and guests here and there. Having a tribe provides comfort in knowing that we will always have a hiking buddy and a sounding board for whatever we might need to discuss “with the girls” to get clarity.  Given that not everyone is available everyday having as many as ten women in our group has made availability pretty good for a few of us to consistently match up our schedules.

A couple of us have cabins in the high country in the White Mountains of Arizona. It makes for a cool retreat with a variety of hiking trails when wanting to get out of the Sonoran Desert HOT summer temperatures sounds like a cool idea. This October, eight of us will be seeking aspen-Fall-leaf color while hiking the beautiful mountain trails together. I’m looking forward to exploring trails I’ve yet to see and to share the adventure with the tribe. I’m sure that there will be laughter and humming chatter bouncing off the trees as we walk about them.

Find your tribe….join a hiking club…enjoy what you love with others who feel the same!


PS. Pics of tribal toe tattoos! and some of the TRIBE .


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